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Energized Selenite Sriyantra Charging Plate


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Energized Selenite Shree Yantra Plate is used to charge various objects with positivity. Selenite itself is always positively charged and when its positivity is combined with the power of Shree Yantra it yields magical results.

This must-have Selenite charging plate is made out of Selenite and has the favourable Shree Yantra engraved on it. As Selenite purifies different crystals, you can utilize this selenite charging plate to purge and charge your assortment by setting them straightforwardly on the plate. You can put your crystals in the wake of utilizing them on your Selenite charging plate for the time being to purge it and charge it. It can be used by Reiki practitioners as a ‘charging plate for crystals.’

At Saans Mart you can get an original energized Selenite Shree Yantra plate which can be used to charge various objects or even remove negativity from them.

Length- 7.5cm, Width-7.5cm, Weight-200grams

What is a Selenite?

Selenite is one type of soft stone/crystal that often appears to be translucent, can get dissolved in water and it is one form of gypsum.

Selenite is one of the not very many minerals with explicit magical abilities/properties that make it fit for clearing and re-charging different things. Not only is Selenite valuable for clearing negative or undesirable energies from gems and stones,  but it might also likewise be utilized to successfully energize any kind of tools, adornments, tarot cards, even environmental factors. Notwithstanding a large number of other powerful credits, Selenite has a quietening and calming quality.

Why is selenite considered pious?

Selenite is a stone that is itself always positively charged. It is used to charge other things and remove negativity from them. Hence it is considered to be a pious stone.  A Selenite charging plate is called by other names such as ‘charging plate for crystals’ or ‘selenite crystal chagrin plate’. But all mean the same things.

What is an Energized Selenite Shri Yantra Plate?

This must-have charging plate for crystals is made out of Selenite and has the favourable Shree Yantra engraved on it.  As Selenite purifies different crystals, you can utilize this plate to purge and charge your assortment by setting them straightforwardly on the plate. You can put your crystals in the wake of utilizing them on your Selenite charging plate for the time being to purge it and charge it.

A Selenite is always positively charged. It is used to charge objects and removes negativity from them. Shree Yantra itself is a powerful symbol that is a combination of Lord Shiva and Shakti. It is used to attract wealth, positivity, health, prosperity, peace and happiness in life.

Thus, when the magical powers of Shree Yantra are combined with Selenite then it not only attracts positivity but also helps to make things positive.

For example, if you wish to make an article, say a watch or a pen to be positive then you simply place it on the Selenite crystal charging plate for six to seven hours or overnight. In the morning when you lift that article it will be full of positive energy and you can certainly feel the difference.

How can you charge your Selenite charging plate?

You can put your crystals and tumbled stones on top of it to scrub and clear their energy. Likewise, these plates are utilized to make a crystal energy grid, as the selenite properties will intensify the force of your matrix. For all intents and purposes, this Coaster plate can charge everything without exception you put on it including drinking water, composing pens, watches, or anything you wish invigorated.

As such, Selenite gets charged due to moonlight and there is no separate need to charge it. Moreover, the presence of Shree Yantra itself makes it positive. This way it is always energized and positive. It can be used as a charging plate for crystals by Reiki practitioners or other alternative therapy healers.

What is the use of energized Selenite Charging plate?

Shree Yantra attracts positivity and wealth and the Selenite plate itself is positively charged. Hence, it can be used to get whatever things you want to obtain in life. Some people use it to charge their crystals and hence it is known as ‘charging plate for crystal’ or ‘selenite crystal charging plate’ also.

The auspicious heavenly vibrations of the Shree Yantra added to selenite’s charging potential will empower you to add Devi’s elegance to your life and expand your experience and endowments of life.

Students can use it to energize their studying apparatus for better results. Businessmen or traders can energise their tools or money through it so that it attracts more money. Selenite crystal charging plate energizes whatever you want to.

Where can I find the original energised Selenite Shree Yantra plate? 

Original Energized Sellenite Shree Yantra plate can be ordered online from SaansMart. A Selenite charging plate is called by other names such as ‘charging plate for crystals’ or ‘selenite crystal chagrin plate’. But all mean the same things.

Disclaimer: No claims are made on metaphysical properties or the accuracy of the geometry of this product. The actual product may vary from the picture as seen on the website. The product is not available for exchange/refund as it is energized and consecrated as per individual.

A yantra is the Sanskrit word for a machine, which is used to imply a combination of drivenforms. According to Vedic wisdom, specific geometrical forms or patterns have specific impacts on our consciousness. And therefore our ancient scriptures have relied extensively on them to seek meaningful results in various contexts. Consider the example of a crane which is a machine for lifting weights. Even though our body can perform the task, we use cranes to ease the process. Similarly, even though we have our body, the most magnificent machine ever, it’s possible to perform certain activities better with certain machines specifically oriented towards certain goals.

A ShriYantra is a 12,000-year-old geometric tantric ritual drawing used for meditation and building focus to create one’s desired outcomes. The form of the yantra holds the divine order of mathematics in it. It has been known as a superlative meditation tool, due to the serene realm one enters almost unknowingly, upon envisaging the intriguing geometries held within.It is believed that the yantra is a cosmic generator. It uses the laws of physical nature to make changes in the physical world. Generating energy waves in resonance with our body guides us to build energy fields. The energy helps us in our journey into the world of cosmicconsciousness. The Shri Yantra is thus an almost magical device, that enables us to conceive beautiful futures by enabling us to master our tumultuous presents.

Scholars claim that the description of the yantra is age-old, dating back to the time of the Upanishads. The yantra, generally regarded as auspicious, beneficent and benign and leading to prosperity, has been installed in various temples, including the Kamakshi Temple in Kanchipuram and the Mookambika Temple in Kollur (by Sri Adi Sankaracharya). One of the earliest known specimens is the portrait of the yantra in the religious institution Spigari Masha established by the famous philosopher Sankara in the eighth century A.D. The yantra has also been mentioned in the Buddhist inscription of the Srivijaya school in South Sumatra, which is dated the seventh century A.D. It is also found in the Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu,Nepal. Therefore, the Shri yantra already has covered a long path of confirmation as an important object for rituals.

Yantra pooja is the worship of a deity in a diagrammatic form. The greatest of the devas, Lord Shiva is the Adi Guru of the Tantrik sciences. His consort Mata Shakti in essence is complete energy that governs the Creation. Shri Yantra, the most powerful of all yantras, is believed to have been created by Lord Shiva.

The Shri Yantra embodies profound spirituality which makes it a powerful source of inspiration. Each design element of the Yantra has special philosophical significance. Every line, triangle, and lotus petal symbolizes a specific type of Shakti. The dot in the very centre is representative of the Source of the universe; this dot, or the Bindu, is the “singularity” from which all manifest reality emerges. From one point of view, the design is representative of the evolution of the universe itself from its mysterious beginnings, charting its many levels.In its central portion, the Shri yantra contains nine triangles. Four of them point upward and represent the unmanifest power of the universe; all that is beyond our quotidian sense perceptions. They are thought of as being masculine and represent the masculine aspect of divinity. The five downward-pointing triangles represent the divine feminine and the manifest aspects of the world.Because the Yantra forms a unity, the divine masculine and divine feminine in an erotic embrace, as it were, we must realize that the transcendent Reality, whatever we choose to call it, is always intimately intertwined in everything that we see. IT is not a sacred beyond, but the very fibre and life of our existence here. This world is not to be seen as separate from the transcendent Truth, but as an expression of that Truth in phenomenal form. What is sacred then, is not merely what is beyond our perception, but everything present here in this world, all our actions, our emotions, our thoughts. This very notion of the integration of body, mind and spirit is symbolized and indicated by the Shri Yantra.

Vastu shastra, literally the “science of architecture” is a traditional Indian system of architecture, sometimes also referred to as the Vedic version of Feng Shui, consisting of elaborately explained principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. The designs aim to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilising geometric patterns (yantras), symmetry, and directional alignments.

In terms of Vastu, the ShriYantra is regarded as the most powerful and auspicious instrument. Shree means “wealth” and Yantra means “tool”, hence the ShriYantra is a tool that can help you to attain all representations of wealth in your life, be it material or spiritual, be it in terms of success or peace and harmony.ShriYantra is also believed to remove all the obstacles and negative energies restricting us from seeking abundance. It is associated with Goddess Laxmi and is believed to emit cosmic powers potent enough to fulfil one’s desires and bring holistic prosperity.

Like explained earlier, Yantras are tools to enhance our lives in various contexts at different levels. They are made for specific purposes and different types of yantras reverberate in different ways. It is believed that the Shri Yantra is a tool for the fulfilment of all desires. Meditating upon the symbols of the yantra helps gain clarity of thought and mind. This is a very efficient and effective way of focusing on our goals and life. It is a harbinger of spiritual as well as material wealth, the ultimate solution to eradicate all negativity in one’s life. The yantra is known to push out all obstacles blocking your growth path.

Thus, the benefits of the Shree Yantra include:

    1. bringing good fortune and prosperity in one’s life.
    2. career success as well as in business by removing obstacles.
  1. enhancement of one’s spiritual self by helping in the attainment of a peaceful mind.
  2. eradication of negative energy from one’s aura and space.

If the Shri Yantra is attuned, energized and worshipped regularly with the proper chanting of the mantras, it can put one in contact with the extremely elevated energies. It is called the symbol of spirituality for a reason, holds divine magnetic energies and is a Talisman that produces positive vibrations that bring about a noticeable change in no time.

A Shri Yantra should be placed in the North, East or North-East direction of your home or office space specifically on a Friday. Before you place the Yantra you must clean the designated spot ritualistically using milk, saffron, and water, and later, just with water.To pray to the yantra, you first clear the space again, sprinkle some water and then place a yellow or red cloth underneath the yantra and then chant the following mantra:

‘Om ShreemHreemShreem KamaleKamalalayePraseedPraseed Om ShreemHreemShreemMahalakshmayeNamah’

While chanting this mantra, one can use the 108 beads Lotus Seed Rosary (KamalGatta mala). Every Friday you must pray to the Yantra and offer jaggery, marigold flower petals and incense. Once the prayers have been done, place a red cloth over it.The Vedics recommend occasionally bathing the yantra, if it is a copper and gold plate, in milk or rose water. If you want to go all out, place dots of sandalwood paste on the four corners of the yantra. Keep your yantra clean and sanctified at all times.

Great philosophers of the world have forever urged us to believe that our intentions create our reality. The absence of intent is not conducive to the generation of energy. And so Dr Kwatra suggests that the first step for benefitting from any healing solution is to have the “bhava” of devotion or the faith in the universe and the intent to bring about positive change. She goes on to recommend chanting of the Shri Suktam or the Lalita Sahasranama to enable your yantra to be activated or energized by providing a simple yet beautiful logic to this. Consider a seed buried in the soil, she says. The seed carries the potential of turning into a plant but that doesn’t happen till it gets a little water and sunlight. Similarly, our Yantras are potent energy sources but to awaken those nascent energies so that they positively transform our lives, a basic energization technique is required. This can also be viewed as turning the physical object into a sacred device by getting it “tuned” to specific vibrations or energy.We can do it ourselves as suggested above through chanting or we can have our respective Gurus or Vedic priests to do it for us.Once we start praying to our yantra, we might want to recharge or re-energize it after a while. For this, keep the yantra overnight in salted water and wash it with fresh water in the morning. Place it in sunlight for 2 – 3 hours once in 3 months. All dispatched yantras would be energized with a sacred ceremony of Lalitasahasranama chant and Motherly energies of Reiki. FurthurPranapratishta can be done by the receiver as guided to him internally by his inner voice or by his Guru.

The Shree Yantras listed with us are primarily classified based on the material used to create them, or whether they are 2D/3D or based on size. Rest assured that we have sufficient variety to help you find the one suited for your requirements perfectly. While we offer crystal/sphatik, copper, ashtadhaatuShri Yantras in 3D, our gold plated 2D Shri Yantras are also equally sought after. Then again, our USP is to help provide pocket-sized/portable Shri Yantras that you can use to meditate on the go.

Do look up our Saansmart link to know more about our competitive pricing and our quality products in detail. Like mentioned earlier, we customize each of our Shree Yantras, before shipping, based on your specific requests in terms of pre-energizing them to benefit you.

Ring a small bell with your left hand (optional) and place your fourth finger of your right hand on the exact center point or Bindu of your yantra.Chant the mantra (disclosed in the answer previously) or simply ‘AUM’ at least three times to invoke the presiding deity or Avatar of the yantra. Remove your finger. You can offer incense in clockwise circular motions. A pleasant aroma is created to welcome your Avatar and it also represents your desires.

Next, carefully light a candle or ghee lamp and offer the incense. This fire represents our soul. Our very self is being offered in this quest for self-discovery and self-fulfilment. It is the desire for truth and light to be awakened within us, simultaneously aligning us with the Cosmic Pulse.

Offer water in a small conch shell or any clean and unused vessel, and meditate as if you are bathing the Yantra. A small clean handkerchief or paper napkin is offered as a means of ‘drying’ the deity after the bath.Fresh fragrant flowers are offered by circling seven times around the Yantra. They represent your heart which you want to align with the personality of the Yantra and become a receptacle of their blessings.

Fresh or dry fruits can also be lovingly offered to the Avatar residing within your yantra. This offering represents our self-sacrifice and surrender. These remnants or Prashad are considered to have powerful shakti or potency due to being infused with high-frequency vibrations. The sanctified food can be eaten and shared afterwards.

Meditate by gazing upon the Yantra. Focus on the positive outcome of any particular issue in your life with positive affirmations. You might want to formulate a personal aim and let it accompany the ceremony in the form of a prayer or meditation. You could wish that negative energies be completely removed from your house or that the inhabitants be protected from any negative influences. Every wish, spoken for the good of all, is possible.

Conclude the procedure with a bow and folded hands out of love and gratitude for all gifts past, present and future.

The most important way to maintain the potency of the yantra is by its mantra recital or by chanting Lalitasahasranama to it. You can repeat the whole or any part of the procedure as you feel inspired to and charge up your yantras. A similar and yet more elaborate Vastu puja ceremony can be performed by having a Vastu pandit do it.

The yantra never brings you harm. Simply put, it bears the compassion and auspicious energy of the Divine Mother… In that representation, it embodies pure love and nothing bad can ever come out of any such.

Yes, if not prayed to, with utmost sincerity and all your love, it might not bring you the desired results. If not kept in the ideal Vastu direction, it might not resonate with the right vibrations, but that’s about all. Never does a ShriYantra cause any type of misfortune or mishap to those who choose to seek its assistance.

Saansmart offers two varieties of special energising plates that can be used as coasters or base to any and everything you wish infused with positive energy. It may be kept in your mandirs or upon your altars as the simple yet definite stabilizing and strengthening influence that they are or they may be used as coasters underneath your glasses of water or as your jewellery tray or even the base to your precious Shri Yantras.

Selenite, the material of these energizing plates, is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe. It promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity and possesses warm, protective properties that enhance the feelings of security and boost self-confidence. A definite yes, if you are feeling low and worn out in your life and also recommended for pregnant women.

Ideally no. We believe that once we place the ShriYantra in a space, it generates the energy sphere around itself in that space which then begins to align the positivity to you. But then that’s precisely what the Saansmart pitches as it’s USP for some of the products listed with it. So that you carry your strength and positivity with you on your travels, we propose pocket size and portable shree yantras that override the restriction of permanent placement and enrich your aura on the go.

To enquire or write to us : customercare@saansmart.com

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7 reviews for Energized Selenite Sriyantra Charging Plate
  • Kaksh limbachiya

    I am a reiki practioner and I know about crystals. I had read about shree yantra earlier. Few days back I came to know about Energized Selenite shri yantra plate from Shree Yantra. I purchased it and it is of excellent quality and pure. I use it to positively charge my pendulums and other things.

  • bhavesh parmar

    Energized Selenite sri yantra is a combinatiion of the crystals and Shri yantra. I purchased if from Saans Mart and believe me it is a wonderful combo to charge your things. I am a professional photographer. I use it to charge my camera and results that I obtain are excellent. I click photos of nature. I had approached one person to choose my photos for calender. Due to the positivity it got approved. Thanks a lot

  • bhavesh parmar

    Tortoise, crystals and Shree Yantra together make a brilliant combo. Thanks Saans Mart for such an astonishing product. Only people who have used it know the positivity it has.

  • Shikha Sinha

    I use Selenite sri yantra plate to charge pens and notebooks of my kid who is in 10th std. Prayers!

  • Reena Nayak

    I saw Selenit shri yantra plate at my reki teacher’s place. I ordered the one from Saans Mart and find it quite useful

  • Sejal Rajput

    I use Selenit shri yantra plate whenever I want to do tilak to my son who is in Indian Army. May God protect him.

  • R. Veerendra Sharma (verified owner)

    I received my selenite Sri Yantra plate on the new year 2022, making the new year that much more auspicious and blessed. Thank you Saansmart for your suggestion and support. It is such a beautiful plate, it is a piece of art, you can say. Already I had purchased a wonderful consecrated brass Sri Yantra from Saansmart and this magnificent selenite plate has added to the euphoria in my house. Thank you once again Saansmart for being instrumental in this choice. ????

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