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Parad Gutika


Parad works on the Sahasrara Chakra. Parad enhances the connection with Lord Shiva and gives benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. It brings peace, contentment, concentration and dhyana.

Parad Gutika is rare, pious and pure Mercury bead. Ancient Vedic scriptures state that Mercury (Parad) is the purest and the most auspicious metal. Famously, Parad is also known as ?Rasa? as well as ?Rasraj?, as it has the power to dissolve all other metals like gold, silver and so on in itself. Parad (Mercury) Gutika affects our pineal glands present in the brain and helps during Kundalini awakening. The special effect of Parad (Padrasam) Gutika/ Bead helps in transforming and balancing one?s physicaland mental health by keeping it disease-free.

Key benefits of using Parad Gutika:

Success in Court Cases ? Keeping the energized Gutika with you or wearing a bracelet of mercury beads on right hand during hearing of court cases gives favourable results.
Increases Memory Power? Purified Parad Gutika, when worn by students, increases their grasping and memory power.
Nightmares and Black Magic? The Mercury/ Parad ball should be tied on the neck. This will cure brain diseases and remove evil effects and fears. Siddh Parad Gutika can also be kept near pillow while sleeping to prevent from black magic, evil eye effects and nightmares.
Protection from Evil Spirits? A necklace of Parad beads should be worn on the body. It prevents one from the attack of evil spirits upon the body.
Cure Heart Diseases-Parad ball should be worn on the right upper arm to cure heart-diseases.
Removing Vastu Related problems? Purified and energized Parad Gutika also removes Vastu related defects.
Spiritual Practice, Meditation and Healing? Parad Bead is a holy and auspicious tool for meditation, spiritual practice and healing.

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