According to Morgan Housel, author of the book, “Psychology of Money”, in the USA people spend approximately $400 (RS30,000) per year on buying lottery tickets, although there is a rare chance of winning. India is not different in this race to become rich by chance. Our ancient scriptures and epics like Mahabharata depict that we all want easy money. Yudhisthir lost all his money in gambling and the rest is history.

We all know that the chances of winning a lottery are less, yet why do we purchase it – Do you know? The reason is simple, we humans aren’t logical, we are psychological. That means we make decisions based on emotions and then justify them with logic.

Using different crystal pendants, crystal clusters, Shree Yantras, bracelets, rings, crystal trees, etc all point to the one thing. We want something to remind us consciously about our affirmations. The affirmations can be anything, ranging from earning money or leaving a particular habit.

All these things in themselves cannot help us to achieve our desired goal but then by staying positive about it and affirmations we can move in the direction of obtaining the desired thing.

It is rightly said that: “There is no substitute to hard work.” We don’t want you to stop doing hard work but we wish you do smart work by using certain things that can help you in achieving the desired goal.

If we narrow down our search, the basic things that we need for making money are:

  • Good health (Physical and Mental)
  • Positivity and the ability to stand for the truth
  • Stability in thoughts and action
  • Power to combat the  negative energies
  • Ability to grab the opportunity.
  • Resources

The crystals that we are going to list here will help you in achieving all these goals and indirectly help you in attracting more money. Are you ready to be the magnet to attract the money?

We heard you say YES!!! So here are the top 10 crystals that can help you in attracting more money, hard work is inevitable (please note that!)

1. Aventurine: The Crystal of Opportunity

Just as the magnifying lens amplifies the things on which it is projected, similarly aventurine amplifies luck, prosperity and abundance in life. It stabilizes emotional balance.

It resonates with the heart chakra and hence helps to remove the negative blocks from your mind. It helps maintain a healthy emotional balance and cures alignments of heart, circulation issues, heart and energy issues.

2. Crystal Quartz: The Spirit Stone

Crystal of quartz is the window of light to the world. This crystal can help you in attracting money because it is the most important crystal that allows you to set affirmations or intentions. Raising your vibrations helps you to manifest your desires.

3. Lapis Lazuli: The Crystal of Truth

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue coloured crystal. It clears the throat chakra and hence helps a person to express thoughts clearly. If you have clear perceptions about anything and can express them then it will help you to generate more business or leads and hence, more money.

It helps to concentrate the mind and hence tunes you for success.

4. Fluorite: The Crystal of Positivity

Fluorite is found in multiple colours and it is a crystal that can clear your aura and usher positivity in you. A positive mind can achieve anything. It sucks negativity from your surroundings and your mind. It helps maintain a peaceful mind and thereby improve the clarity of thoughts. This can go a long way in increasing your intuitive power.

5. Amethyst: The Manifestation Crystal

To manifest means to think of desires in a subconscious mind and then try to turn them into reality. Amethyst is a purple coloured stone found in many parts of the world and it is mainly used for manifestation. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up.” Yes, it is true but you need to sleep first.

Amethyst can help you with insomnia and hence increase your manifestation power.

6. Blue Topaz: The Crystal of Creativity

If you always feel that a ‘distant force’ guides you in making decisions, then Blue Topaz will be a boon for you. It connects with angels, spirit guides and loved ones. It is a crystal that helps to usher your creative side.

7. Amazonite: Crystal of Courage

Making decisions with heart can sometimes go wrong and hence it is imperative to think with the brain. Amazonite helps you in doing exactly that. It helps you to be practical in your approach and express the truth with conviction and courage.

8. Jade: The Dream Crystal

This crystal is known for its healing properties. So probably if you have suffered a huge loss in business or someone has cheated you monetarily then Jade crystal can help to reduce your emotional pain and soon gets you back to work.

9. Hematite: The Grounding Crystal

Hematite crystal has connections with the root chakra. So it constantly reminds us about our mortal human existence and supports us financially. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and gets the creative juices flowing in.

10. Tourmaline: The Grounding Crystal

If you are facing constant blockages in your path of success, there is a strong possibility that your aura is affected by negative energies. By keeping a Tourmaline crystal with you, the crystal absorbs the negative energy and hence you can work effectively. The crystal teaches you to radiate light admist the dark times in your life.

Summing up, all above are the best crystals according to us if you wish to bring happiness, peace and MONEY into your life. As we said earlier, just by keeping these crystals with you, you won’t be able to earn money but if you work hard and keep the crystals with you it is surely going to help a long way.

You can choose whichever crystal you want to choose depending on the area in life in which you lag behind. For example, if you fear speaking the truth then you can choose the crystal that encourages you to do that. If you are stressed all the time you can use crystals to relieve the stress. You can also use them for dreams and manifestation. So we wish you all the best for all your future endeavours and do let us know which crystal you liked the best and why you liked it.

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