Narmada Shiva lingham

Lingam represents the most important Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Shiva lingam placed in the temples is a symbol of energy to be worshipped. Shiva lingam believed to be a formless shape having neither a beginning nor an end. Shiva lingam depicts the union of male and female energies of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti to create the universe. The yoni in Shiva lingam, considered to be the symbol of Mata Shakti. Yoni symbolises the power of male and female energies. According to the Skanda Purana, the lingam is the ‘the endless sky’. SAANSMART is an online platform for providing you with the best spiritual products and creates awareness of wellness. The lingams imbued original with serenity and tranquillity lighting you to buy the product to make your life beautiful with sound body and soothing mind.

The Shiva lingams are classified into six types depending on the origin as per Karanagamam, one of the Agaama Sastras. The lingams formed from their manifestations are the Swayambhu lingams. Lingams installed and worshipped by the goddess Parvathy and other devas are the Daiviga or Dhivya lingams.

Lingams installed in historical times by the humans are Manusha Lingams. Lingams installed and worshipped by the sages are Arshaga lingams. Lingams believed to be installed and worshipped by the Asuras are Rakshasa Lingams. Lingams found on the banks of the rivers are the Bana lingams.  

Lingams have many specific functions when worshipped. There are 32 different varieties for Shiv lingams healing the souls around the world. Ashtaloha lingam help to cure leprosy. Padara lingam provides the copious flow of wealth. Trapu lingam protects against all the enemies. Ashtadhtu lingam provides all-natural powers. Durvakadaja lingam saves you from untimely death. Mouktika lingam shall bring in good fortune and auspiciousness.

Bhamsa lingam shall fulfil all your desires. Guda lingam can shower you with a blissful life. Vamsankura lingam shall provide you with longevity. Pishta lingam worship can bless you with clarity of thoughts and help in education. Dahdhidhughda lingam is blessed with a smile and happiness. Yavagodhumasali lingam is blessed with the wealth and blessing of a child. Sitakhanda lingam provides sound health free from diseases.

Bana lingam is the most omnipotent Shiva lingam. They are found in a white or light pale colour. Bana lingam is the sacred and divine symbol for Shiva Bhakts. They are the most divine sign for Lord Shiva devotees. Bana lingam found in the river of Narmada is considered as the self-manifested representation of Lord Shiva. Bana lingam is also traced in the Ganges, Yamuna, and other holy rivers.

The term Bana is from water and Banasura, worshipped millions of small lingams. The origin of Bana lingam is associated with the river Narmada. Lord Shiva wanted to destroy the Tri-pura, obtained by asura Banasura. Lord Shiva let his dart from his PINAKA, broke into three puras which fell into three spots on the hills in Srikshetra, on the peaks in the Vindhya ranges, and the banks of the river Narmada. The bits multiplied to become many lingams in these three places.

Bana lingam is powerful, attractive, and emitting a high radiance of energy for good health. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil which makes all the negative energies never attack the lingam. Worshipping Bana lingam is considered to be more beneficial than all the other Shiv lingam put together. When we visualise Bana lingam in the early morning, we shall have a prosperous and blissful life.

Bana Lingam helps in maintaining the equilibrium of self-consciousness and provide inner strength. The lingam wards off the negative vibes and fulfils your wishes. Lingam is the symbol for meditation and healing. Bana lingam stimulates all the chakras of our body to maintain peace and harmony within.  The devotees believe that Narmada Bana lingam cleanses all the sins. Worshipping Bana lingam shall help in getting a good life partner.

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