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Trataka is a yogic practice that involves concentrated gazing at a single point, often a small object or a candle flame. To practice trataka, sit in a comfortable position, place the chosen object at eye level, and focus your gaze without blinking for as long as possible.

When your eyes water or tire, close them and visualize the object in your mind’s eye.Benefits of trataka include improved concentration, heightened awareness, and enhanced mental clarity. It is also believed to strengthen eye muscles and promote a sense of calmness

. However, it’s essential to approach trataka with patience and avoid straining your eyes. If you have existing eye conditions, consult a healthcare professional before attempting this practice.

1. **Gazing:** Concentrated focus on a specific point.2. **Candle Flame:** Common object used in trataka practice.3. **Eye Muscles:** Strengthening through sustained gazing.4. **Mental Clarity:** Enhanced cognitive awareness.5. **Visualization:** Imagining the object after closing eyes.6. **Concentration:** Improved ability to focus.7. **Calmness:** Achieved through meditative practices.8. **Awareness:** Heightened state of mindfulness.9. **Yogic Practice:** Integral part of traditional yoga.10. **Patience:** Important for gradual progress in trataka.

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