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Copper is regarded as most auspicious for making idols of Gods and Goddesses and also the articles meant for worship. Copper has medicinal properties and because of that Copper Shree Yantra is best suited for daily use in doing ‘abhishekam’ or meditation.


At SaansMart you get perfectly designed 100% genuine Copper Shree Yantra which helps to attract health, wealth and abundance.

Available in two colours & Multiple sizes.

What are the different materials used for making Shri Yantra?

Shri (Shree) Yantra can be made using various things like crystals, metals, gems or parad. They can be in a 3D Shri Yantra or Plate Shri Yantra in a 2D form. The Shree Yantras that are made from metals are easy to handle and clean. Also, there is no fear of breaking them. You can even order Shree Yantra copper online from us.

Copper is used widely for making God Idols and some of the utensils that are used in pooja are also made of copper. Copper Shri Yantra yields the benefits of both viz, the metal and the geometric design of the yantra.

It is mainly because of the reason that copper possesses medicinal properties and it can be used to clear alignments like high blood pressure and the alignments related to blood.

Shree Yantra itself symbolizes a combination of Shiva and Shakti and hence it is considered to be most auspicious for meditation.

What are the benefits of Shri Yantra?

Shree Yantra when prayed properly yields in:

  • Improved relations among family members.
  • Longevity of life.
  • Health
  • Wealth and prosperity.
  • The calmness of mind.
  • Meditation and increased ability to think.
  • Attracts positive energy and creates positive vibes.
  • Leads to spiritual growth.
  • Removes obstacles in the path of success.
  • Removes negativity from the mind and permits clear thinking.

How should we do the ‘sthapana’ of Copper Shree Yantra?

Copper Shri Yantra should be preferably kept on a yellow or red cloth in a holy place of worship. You can do milk/water or Kum-kum ‘abhishekam’ on it before putting it to use. While performing the pooja you should chant the Mahalaxmi mantra.

The water obtained after the abhishekam has medicinal value and cures many alignments related to blood or blood pressure. It can be used as a ‘Tirtha’.

After chanting and energizing the Shree Yantra it needs to be worshipped daily just by putting kumkum on it and igniting a lamp before it.

How can we clean Copper Shree Yantra and from where can we get it online?

The things made from copper can be cleaned easily with water. If you feel that there are some tough stains then they can be removed using lemon and salt.

When you purchase a copper Shree Yantra online from SaansMart, we assure you of the best quality and best flawless design of the Yantra.

Disclaimer: No claims are made on metaphysical properties or accuracy of the geometry of this product. The actual product may vary from picture as seen on the website. ‘This product may lose its original polish or colour in due course but the yantra continues to emit auspicious vibrations. The product is not available for exchange/refund as it is energized and consecrated as per individual.

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6 reviews for Copper Shree Yantra
  • Harsh Rajput

    Earlier too we used to worship Shree Yantra at home, but due to Corona we purchased a new Copper Shree Yantra and do abhishekham to it daily. We drink that holy water to stay protected from negative energies.

  • Mihir Shah

    The Copper Shree Yantra is pure in all respects and I can feel the positive vibes in my workplace after keeping it there for the puja.

  • mahesh patel

    I am new to all this, but I just wanted ot try the magical properties of Shree Yantra so I purchased it and pray it regularly. I feel peaceful after praying to it.

  • Shikha Sinha

    We had a traditonal shree yantra made from Parhad at home earlier but it was very old so I got new one from Saans Mart and it is of really good quality. Geometric design is perfect.

  • Reena Nayak

    I was unable to prosper in business but after praying to shree yantra things are returning back to normal. Thanks Saans Mart.

  • mahesh patel

    I am fond of antique jewellery and articles. Although shree yantra is not antique but it has been used since ages. So I purchased it and really love the perfect geometrical design of the product.

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