Yogini Kunal Sharma


Yogini Kunal Sharma owns the brand called “Divya Aakruti” which literally means “Divine Art” is simply the manifestation of a deep desire which originated from the depths of her soul in childhood. Even as a child, she could draw beautiful sketches. Life, the fabulous teacher that She is, had other plans. As she grew older, she forgot the calling of her soul, the gift and talent that she was born with and got into the mainstream competition. Life took her from Genetics to Investment banking. Finally, in October 2004, when the insane desire to paint became too intense to ignore, she resigned from HSBC to paint full time.

Yogini Kunal Sharma has no formal art education but she knows that she is blessed and gifted and sent here to help herself and others through her creations on paper and canvas. Her first painting was that of the magnificent and wild Shiva, unbound and free, powerful and magnetic. As she painted Him, she felt her life transform, starting from her thoughts, emotions right down to her behaviour. For the first time, she knew why she was alive. As more and more people saw the painting, they would sit in front of Him, meditate and come back the next day telling her that something in their life had changed. That is when she knew, why she was here, on earth in this lifetime. she had once again found her soul’s calling.

Yogini Kunal Sharma was Awarded the “PARIJAT SANMAAN” award in Feb 2019 for contribution to the preservation and promotion of Indian Art in Painting. Her paintings adorn the Saans mart space in the surreal and abstract section in the website and it brings us great joy to present this genius to the world.

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