Ganesha & His 32 Forms


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Ganesha & His 32 forms is a unique book on the beloved deity Ganesha. The book is a colourful treat to the reader who is keen to discover Ganesha in all meticulous details and devotion. In this book, we cover 32 avatars of Lord Ganesha. With 400 pages of fully coloured content and approx 60 coloured images, the book envisages stories, offerings, rituals, myths, tales, temples, consorts, and all 32 forms of Ganesha in deep soulful and informative recordings. The 32 forms of Ganpati have never been described in so much detail before this and in so much celebration as they are in this book. May Ganesha bring opulence and blessings to all readers of this book!

GANESHA, the most revered god in the Hindu pantheon, is the auspiciousness principle as he initiates one to abundance and fulfilment in all areas of life. Vighnaharta as he is fondly called is invoked at the start of all endeavours. He is the Mooladhar or the underlying principle from which universes unfold and reveal themselves. 32 types of Ganesha book is an offering of gratitude to our most favourite God, Ganesha and intends to empower the reader with Ganesha’s presence and knowledge. 32 forms of Ganpati is a picturesque gift for you from us!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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1 review for Ganesha & His 32 Forms
  • Dipti Barodawala

    This book is so picturesque…. I love the images of my beloved deity depicted in it. This book is really amazing. BIG THANKS FOR THIS BOOK

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