Shambhavi: The Shakti Archetypes


?Shambhavi? literally means the one who belongs to Shambhu or shiva .she is Shakti?shiva?s consort. Shakti is also the current of Kundalini that lies dormant at the base of the spine and ascends up through the sushmana (central energy column) to be in benevolent union with her Shiva at the sahastra chakra. She is the dynamic element in this coupling as Shiva is the sthira (still) one.

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Shambhavi also reflects the transition zone when the day is almost at an end and the night has begun to take over. Thus, depicting Shakti as her various swaroopas (forms) transitioning from the benevolent and beautiful one to the ferocious and raw energy on the other. She cannot be co notated as a single identity as she flows like a river between the banks of paradoxes. The one who can acknowledge her variable identities and yet know that she transcends all identity is her qualified recipient and will surf the tides of samsara.

This book portrays her in her 111 forms, the baseline principle remaining her nirguna, niraakar swaroopa. As the reader flows through the book, his own conditioning to see her as the form is fractured and he is laid open at her altar?for a similar transcendence and freedom.

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